Ava Montgomery
Ava is the founder of, and Chief Considerations Officer for, Conscious Media Consulting, LLC.
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About me
Ava is grateful to have learned the value of acquiring and practicing multi-cultural consciousnesses skills early. She credits them for providing exponential value throughout adulthood, not only through effective content creation, but in development of enduring cross-cultural friendships. In addition to informal studies, Ava has formally continued to develop her keenness for understanding the influential power of narratives and representations. She started by exploring legal discourses and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. In the intervening years as an educator with the nationally recognized Teach For America organization, as a community capacity-builder for non-profit organizations and as a leadership development professional in the corporate sector, Ava has been recognized for her ability to speak with compassionate candor. After demonstrating considerable emotional intelligence skills throughout a respectable thirty-year career. She has parlayed her experience to be a conscious voice in the content creation space. She completed a Master of Arts degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies She explored the past and present influence of Western media narratives and representations on global communities and discourses. Equipped with professional competencies, well-rounded education and credible, lived, hands-on experience in content and media creation, Ava fulfilled a goal of writing a comprehensive Media Literacy Guide for the continuum of media influencers. “Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up! A Guide to Understanding and Developing Conscious Media Literacy Skills” provides new ideas and offers helpful insights for creating and consuming media that demonstrates Conscious-Concern© for accuracy of narratives and representations. From concept to completion, CMC, LLC brings the benefits of consciously-competent thought partnership to small businesses, organizations, consultants, and free-lancers who desire to create socially responsible messaging, but don’t have the means to retain full-time content advisement and Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion support at their content-creation table. Ava established CMC, LLC to be a thought-partner for content-creators who are seeking to demonstrate Conscious-Concern© for accuracy in narratives and representations across cultures. Quite naturally, personal and professional growth can lead to elevated awarenesses. Thus, New Consciousness School and the courses and digital products provided are a perfect accompaniment to CMC, LLC’S mission to create and help other people create conscious content.
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